Tuesday, June 4, 2013


When I was a kid I had a CD...a cassette..okay fine, it was vinyl...but that's not the point. The point is it was a Disney album and it had The Unbirthday Song the mad hatter sings at the tea party with Alice in its entirety.

The lyrics: Statistics prove that you've one birthday, one birthday every year. But you have 364 unbirthdays - precisely why we're gathered here to cheer! (I'll have you know, I didn't even have to Google that because you know, I'm cool.)

Except I have to beg to differ. My amazing copy editor, Dahlia, told me (and everything she says is right) that writers get more birthdays than that. Your book birthday! And you get it for each book! and you don't have to get any older. And there might even be cake.

Can it get any better???

No, I think not! But wait...it kinda does. You get the day you get an agent or decide to self-publish. The day you announce your sale/release date. The day you cover reveal. And then today, My book birthday!!!

That's right. CHARCOAL AND HOT CHOCOLATE is live and available and out there. You might be reading it right now. And if so, why are you here at this blog???

So here's your mission should you choose to accept it.
1. Buy me cupcakes. If you don't live close enough for that, just buy my book and we'll call it even.
2. Read it, hopefully love it, and leave me a review.
3. Tell your friends.

And if at this point you want to send more cupcakes, that'll work!

With love, Irene

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