Friday, May 31, 2013

It's almost time...oh wait, it IS time!

So funny thing. My book is all set to come out June 4. That's Tuesday. Yeah. Tuesday. Then you can all read CHARCOAL AND HOT CHOCOLATE  and wish River was real just like I do. But I digress.

I've been preparing for Tuesday to be the day I Squee all day long. The day I freak out with my friends. The day I either yell, Yes I did it! or I rock in the corner due to my huge, epic and very public failure.

As it turns out, you can't micromanage this stuff as well as I'd like and it went live in the Kindle store last night and up for pre-sale on Kobo this morning. Holy cow.

I did the squeeing. I did the freak out. I did the flailing. Then I woke this morning and thought was that a dream. So I checked my Kindle stats and sure enough, I have sales. Seriously, I feel like Jimmy Buffett and truly understand his "I have been drunk now for over two weeks" words of wisdom. Clearly he wrote about that feeling when his book came out.

I'm flat out giddy. Now needless to say, sales are going to have to pick up or I will be rocking in the corner, but that fact that I have sales and support from my gorgeous and wonderful friends and family BEFORE my release day, it makes you redefine success, and I've achieved it.

I used to think (and by used to I mean yesterday morning) success would be when I sold 1000 copies. Or 10, 000. Or put out a second book. Or put out five. But honestly success is finishing what you started. Being proud of what you put out there. And having amazing people surround you to say, "You did it!" "I knew you could!" and "I'm so proud of you!"

That's the best success anyone can ask for.

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  1. That it came out early is oddly fitting. ;) YAY!